Joe Kimitaunga

About me

In 2018 I was inspired by watching Andrea Thompson, Donna Moore, Camila Fogagoolo, Nichole Genrich (Big G), Shayna Wirihana compete all over the world. Watching these Strong Women helped light a flame within me and gave me the courage to give this sport ago.






Middle East Strongest



Halzfaller Championship


Arnolds Ohio Amateur World Championship









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Best sporting moment

Competing in NZ (Home) in front of all my loved ones.


What does your competition day look like (Do you have a pre-comp ritual or superstitions)?
I pray for myself and uplift my day to God. I read the Bible and do a morning devotion. Make my bed. Have breakfast. Activation and stretching. (Sometimes at comp we may not have time to warmup, so I like to go to comp pre warm, so I can go straight on the implement straight after the Athlete debrief) Complete personal care & dress in Comp fit (fit has to be comfortable and weather friendly) Comp bag is already (Pre-packed the night before) Snack/Water/lunch bag (Pre-packed the night before) Make my way to the venue. Through out the day Il always remind my self. Personal Goal - Be present - Be kind - Always have fun Comp Goal - Listen to my Coach instructions - Always give my best - compete with no regrets I make sure I meet people and take time to hear there journeys, while competing too. The sport of Strong Man/Woman brings so many different Athletes together and I love hearing people's journeys, as they are so inspiring to hear.
What is the most important mental aspect of your training and competing?
Reminding myself that Strong Man/ Woman is a hobby, which always reminds me to humble myself and enjoy every moment of the sport, whether it be volunteering, competing or cheering for others, always have fun
Who are your role models and why?
My Mum and Dad Are my role models because through my upbringing they did there best to provide a better life for me and my siblings. There is nothing I can give to ever repay them for what they have done for me. So everything I do, and wherever I go, I am proud to carry my family and parents with me. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for everything they sacrificed for me and my siblings. I love you Mum and Dad always
What advice would you give to someone who wants to start in the sport?
Give Strong Man/Woman ago. The Strong Man/Woman community are so supportive and beautiful. The community will back you 100% and will support you all the way. So what do you have to lose? Give the sport ago.
What are your plans and goals for the future in your sport and generally?
Is to continue to learn more about Strong Man/Woman and improve on myself and my performance every chance I get on the platform. To continue to support and help build the sport in Australia and all over the world.
What do you enjoy doing outside of the gym/sport?
I like to learn new skills, I like to read, help people achieve there goals and stay connected to my support system.