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Elizabeth Craven

Name: Elizabeth Craven

Age: 42

Home: Canberra, A.C.T

Occupation: Gym owner/coach

Gym: The Strength Syndicate

Weight class: -52kg                                                                                                                      

Personal bests :


Bench Pres














Records: All national 52kg records opens and M1, Oceania- squat/deadlift and total opens, M1 all of them, Commonwealth squat open and M1 squat, dead and total.

World record squat, open and M1

Titles: Silver at Worlds, Bronze at Worlds, 3x best lifter at Oceania, 2x best lifter at commonwealth, 4x best lifer at nationals, 2 x best lifter at Pacific Invitationals


Favourite Lift/Event: The total :) I love squatting but nothing feels better than getting that last deadlift.


Best powerlifting moment: Pulling the 180kg at Oceanias that meant I broke 5 World records, squat x2, deadlift x2 and total.

Worst powerlifting moment: Missing my second squat at worlds, I came back and got it but I was so angry I had doubt creep in. It gave away my chance to win.


What got you into Powerlifting and when? I got into powerlifting just after my daughter was born 5 years ago. I wanted to get strong again after having Abigail so I could go back to CrossFit haha! I didn’t even know powerlifting was a sport. After the first comp I was hooked, I had finally found something I could be good at. I also loved the people.


How did you decide that you want to compete in Powerlifting? Well I was lifting at the gym, my coach at the time told me my number were good enough to get into nationals. I thought “why not? How hard can it be?” I have never been so terrified in my life but that made it even more awesome. My lifts were around 80kg squat, 55kg bench and 115kg deadlift haha.


How often and how long do you currently train? I train a bout 3.5 hours 4x a week and then do some extra accessories on another day.

What does your competition day look like?

 I try to make sure I wake up at around 51.4 so I can eat breakfast. I never do crazy water cuts anymore, they make me weak.

 I get up have a shower try to listen to calming music or one of my audio books, get myself ready. I will usually put my headphones on when I’m there as I like to get into my head and just stay calm and on task.

Everything before squats is about being calm, then once its bench time I get my gangsta rap or metal on and get excited yayyy.

How do you stay fuelled and energized during competitions? I always eat the same thing

Porridge with almond butter and protein in it for breakfast, I try to eat this before I get to the venue.

Then as soon as I weigh in I have 4x gastrolite in a bottle of water, salty chips, bananas, coconut water, a mixture of bcaas and glycofuse. During the comp I keep eating bananas and after squats I start drinking Redbull with sugar.


What’s your favourite post comp food?

Beer, and wine. Oh and ribs.


Who are your role models and why?

I have many people I want to squat like (Sioux-z hartwig-gary) or deadlift like (Kim Walford) and they are all awesome people too. A big role model for me was my dad though, he was an opera singer a minister, a university lecturer, a traveller, a dock worker, a dad, a husband. He did whatever he wanted to do, he didn’t listen to anyone who told him he couldn’t do something and when he set his mind to something he was absolutely driven. This sucked when we were on family road trips but it made me the kind of person I am today.


What advice would you give someone who wants to start Powerlifting? Don’t look at anyone else and compare yourself to them, just work on yourself. Fix your lifts and your total will grow. 

Also don’t jump into high volume, avoid that for as long as you can.

Enjoy yourself, lifting is fun.


What are your plans and goals for the future in Powerlifting and generally?

My plans are to keep lifting as long as I can because I truly enjoy it. I am amazed I have ever gotten this far and I guess I will ride that wave while I can.

I dream of being World Champion one day but we shall see.

I want to get as many people lifting as possible and teach them what I can. It has changed my life for the better so much, physically and mentally. I want to make the world a stronger place haha.

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