Josh Patacca

About Me

My friend Kelvin Aitken who was competing in the masters and training at my local gym asked if I would be interested in powerlifting back in 2014. From powerlifting I discovered Strongman and after Covid I made the switch having competed for 6 years in Powerlifting.



Victoria’s Strongest Man


1st Place

Australia’s strongest man


1st Place

Best sporting moment

Winning Australia’s strongest man in my first year of strongman!


What does your competition day look like (Do you have a pre-comp ritual or superstitions)?
I usually wake up and eat either pancakes or waffles with bacon and eggs before each day of competing. During the comp I usually try to stay focussed but the comps with longer wait times between events I will chat to the other competitors and try to learn from them and get what knowledge I can for when I go back to training.
What is the most important mental aspect of your training and competing?
To stay positive and focused, and visualise what you need to do or get through and how you’re going to achieve it.
Who are your role models and why?
Brian Shaw, because he’s humble, polite and always supports the other athletes even when he’s competing against them.
What advice would you give to someone who wants to start in the sport?
Go sign up for the comp that looks like the most fun.
What are your plans and goals for the future in your sport and generally?
I want to get to World's Strongest Man one day.
What do you enjoy doing outside of the gym/sport?
Eating food, playing video games, and hanging out with family and friends.