| Greta Schumacher

How to get the most out of your SBD Knee Sleeves

SBD knee sleeves are probably the most sold knee sleeve on the market at the moment. They’re not only liked by powerlifters but become increasingly popular amongst weightlifters, crossfitters, strongmen/-women, and bodybuilders.

We've put together a few tips and tricks on how to find the right size, instructions on wearing them and how to make them last as long as possible.

How to measure for the right size

Take a measuring tape and measure right around your knee joint with your leg straight and relaxed. Have a look at the sizing chart (see below) to decide if you want a standard fit or a tight fit. Always consider that the size of your calves can be a limiting factor, so it might help to measure them too. Since the knee sleeves are cone shaped and not supposed to stretch much you might need to move up a size.

How tight you want your knee sleeves to be is entirely up to your personal preference. Some people like it super tight and don’t mind when the blood supply to the calf gets restricted, other people prefer to just have a warm knee joint without feeling like their leg is about to fall off. When in doubt about the right size just shoot us an email, call or come into our Store at City Strength HQ in Sydney and we’re happy to assist you.


How to put them on

There is a little card in every pack of knee sleeves that gives you instructions on how to put them on. 

  1. Fold the top half of the sleeve over the bottom half of the sleeve and pull them over your foot.
  2. Adjust them with the SBD label being on the bottom and facing forward.
  3. Get your fingers under the the bottom edge of the sleeve and slowly pull them up just past the thickest part of your calf
  4. Roll the top half of the sleeve up and adjust
  5. Your knee sleeves should fit nice and snug and you can go squatting!!

Sidenote: smooth skin makes the sleeves go on easier so moisturising your legs before you head to the gym might help.

Additionally our sponsored athletes JP Cauchi has made an instructional video. 

How to look after them

Your knee sleeves will last longer and also will smell nicer if you wash them regularly. You can either soak them in warm soapy water or just take them into the shower lather with some shampoo and rinse well. After washing them just let them air dry. Please don’t throw them in the dryer

What not to do to your knee sleeves

  • Deadlifting
    • This might cause the neoprene to rip and seams to fray because the knurling of the bar rubs against the sleeves. Good to protect your precious skin and legs not so good for the longevity of your knee sleeves. If you need some good deadlifting socks hop over to our shop to get yourself a pair. 
  • Keep away from Velcro
    • We recommend keeping your wrist wraps and other pieces of equipment with Velcro, well away from your knee sleeves. The Velcro, when stuck to the seams of the sleeve may cause them to fray.
  • Keep in your closed gym bag right after a big session
    • They will smell and it won’t be nice for you or anyone around you in the gym the next time you use them. You might lose friends.

Following these few tips your knee sleeves should last you a long time and support you in hitting some big lifts in the gym and on the platform!

Stronger is better.

Team City Strength