Sisters in Strength are coming to Sydney!!!

Sisters in Strength are coming to Sydney!!! Sisters in Strength are coming to Sydney!!!
AuthorGreta Schumacher
Publishedon June 28, 2022
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As featured in the recent ABC iView & ABC TV’s “Strong Women” documentary, Sisters in Strength is a community initiative founded by Strongwoman Athletes Kerryn Taylor and Mariko Whyte, two very passionate strong women who share the dream of empowering women of all ages to find inner strength and confidence and envision a community of women who lift each other up!

The initiative is aimed at inspiring and empowering women through our love of strength sports. It will begin with a physical workshop with the opportunity to “come and try” some of the fundamental Strongman lifts demonstrated by some of the strongest Athletes in Australia. After lunch we will be running a Mindset Workshop to be presented by renowned Strongwoman Competitor Leigh Holland Keen who will be sharing her journey into Strongwoman. The mindset aspect of the workshop will cover everything from the challenges they have faced as athletes in the industry, their highs and lows, their experience competing in strength sports and overcoming challenges including body image issues and much more.


We are honoured to announce Leigh Holland-Keen (Instagram: @leigh.hollandkeen) as the speaker for our City Strength event in Sydney on the 17th September 2022. (Get your tickets here)

We thought we’d ask Leigh some questions so you can get to know her a little more.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a single mother to a beautiful 2-year old wild child, a registered nurse, a Strongwoman athlete, a strength coach, a woman who is a balance of being both fiery and calm, fiery when I am passionate about something ,but calm amongst chaos. I am persistent, determined and resilient.

Why are you volunteering to coach at SIS?

It gives me great satisfaction to introduce new people to the sport - to watch an individual's physical and mental strength grow is magical. Having been around since the very start of the sport in Australia - I have watched the sport change in so many ways and I feel grateful to still be part of it all.

What’s some of your proudest moments as a Strongwoman?

I have MANY proud moments in Strongwoman - I’ve lost count how many competitions I have competed in. Rebuilding after a traumatic birth and the loss of my mum and stepping back into competing has been a tough feat for me and for that I am proud of myself.

What’s your ethos or something you live by?

Always be kind but have firm boundaries throughout life.

If you want to achieve a goal, work HARD and be CONSISTENT, don't give in when it gets tough.


10:00am Welcome & Acknowledgement to Country

10:15am "Strong Women" Mini Documentary Screening

10.30am Q&A with Mari & Kerryn

10.40am-12.45pm Strongwoman Workshop 

12.45pm-1.15pm Lunch 

1.15pm-2.30pm Mindset Workshop & Guest Speaker One 

2.30pm-2.45pm Surveys 

2.45pm-3.00pm Close

Tickets include a Sisters in Strength T-Shirt, lunch, a coffee, a gift bag full of Sisters in Strength goodies and the chance to win some incredible raffle prizes.

We believe that alone we are strong, but together we are stronger. 

This Blog post was written by Mariko and Kerryn, founders of Sisters in Strength.


AuthorGreta Schumacher
Publishedon June 28, 2022