The SBD 7mm Powerlifting Knee Sleeves

SBD 7mm Powerlifting Knee Sleeves SBD 7mm Powerlifting Knee Sleeves
AuthorGreta Schumacher
Publishedon June 02, 2023

Celebrating a decade of innovation, SBD proudly presents its latest breakthrough: the all-new 7mm Powerlifting Knee Sleeve. Introducing its most supportive knee sleeve to date, the 7mm Powerlifting Knee Sleeve has been meticulously crafted to cater specifically to the needs of competitive powerlifters who demand unparalleled support from their gear. Exclusively manufactured in Sheffield, United Kingdom, at SBD's state-of-the-art facility these new knee sleeves are designed with utmost precision, ensuring powerlifters receive the maximum possible support and elevating their performance to new heights.


Maximal Compression

The SBD 7mm Powerlifting Knee Sleeves offer enhanced compression and maximal surface contact, moulding to your joint all the way through the range of motion. This allows it to maintain compression, and avoid gapping during flexion, ensuring the knee joint is supported all the way through the lift. These knee sleeves ensure your knee joint stays protected throughout your lift, helping you maintain optimal form, bar speed, and a natural squat path, as you approach maximal attempts.

Anti-Microbial inner lining

Each SBD 7mm Powerlifting Knee Sleeve undergoes a special treatment utilizing SBD's full spectrum, anti-microbial technology. This innovative feature ensures that your knee sleeves stay fresh for extended periods by neutralizing odour-causing bacteria. Additionally, the non-slick internal lining of the sleeves grips your skin, minimizing riding and maximizing compression and insulation around the knee joint.

Abrasion Resistance

Every pair of SBD Powerlifting Knee Sleeves is made with an abrasion-resistant outer lining to ensure the durability and longevity of your knee sleeves.

Manufacturing Process

Each pair of SBD 7mm Powerlifting Knee Sleeves you purchase has been produced and manufactured to the highest standards inside SBD’S state-of-the-art facility. Assembled by a team of skilled craftspeople the SBD Knee Sleeve uses high-grade neoprene cut from a single piece with a spiral seam that runs around the back of the knee allowing for maximum strength and uncompromised compression over the joint. A high-grade neoprene was developed to endure the demands of strength training whilst maintaining contact through the full range of motion, insulating the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments and offering a new kind of compression.

Over the past 10 years, SBD has refined its manufacturing process by combining traditional methods and cutting-edge technology, with bespoke components and innovative manufacturing techniques. Here is a brief overview of the SBD manufacturing process:

  1. Cutting and Panel Finishing: Each panel is precisely cut, and the edges are finished with a strengthening stitch. A hard-wearing vinyl is then heat pressed into the deep knit of the fabric, enhancing durability.
  2. Adhesive Application and Bonding: Skilled craftspeople apply high-strength industrial contact adhesive to the edges of the sleeves. These edges are individually aligned and bonded to ensure a secure and long-lasting connection.
  3. Stitching: Once the bonding process is complete, the sleeves proceed to stitching. A locally developed and woven, heavy-duty tape is sewn to the seam using a specially selected stitch known for its strength. Additionally, the seam is reinforced with bar tacking for added durability.
  4. Edge Braiding: Finally, edge braiding is meticulously added, providing the finishing touch to the sleeves and further reinforcing their construction.

After manufacturing, each sleeve undergoes rigorous quality control where every product is scrutinised by SBD’s trained team. Once approved, the sleeves are paired, packed, and ready for shipping. Backed by SBD’s one-year warranty, SBD knee sleeves offer dependability and assurance.

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AuthorGreta Schumacher
Publishedon June 02, 2023