Everything You Need To Know About AIRWAAV

Everything You Need To Know About AIRWAAV Everything You Need To Know About AIRWAAV
AuthorJoel Fitzgerald
Publishedon November 13, 2023

In the strength sports space trying to get every advantage possible will set you apart from the rest of the competition, this is where your equipment comes into play. Here at City Strength, we stock only the best equipment to give you a step up on the competition.

We would like to introduce you to one of the newest products available for purchase at City Strength. AIRWAAV’s mouthguards are scientifically-backed mouthguards designed to take your training and competition to the next level. The mouthpiece that AIRWAAV has designed isn’t just any mouthguard and has been making waves in the industry with peer-reviewed, published research using AIRWAAV’s different products. This blog will aim to educate you on what this product is all about, how it can help you and what you need to know if you decide to use it in your training.

What Is The AIRWAAV Mouthguard

Mouthpieces and mouth guards are not new in sports but AIRWAAV is innovating this piece of kit aiming to increase your performance dramatically. While a traditional mouth guard you have most likely seen before aims to protect your teeth, reduce injury risk and cushion any impacts the AIRWAAV aims to optimise jaw alignment, enhance breathing, and maximise muscular force by using its research-backed design.


AIRWAAV’s mouthpiece stands out from its competition with its 4 main benefits, increased strength, enhanced endurance, faster recovery and improved mobility.

Increased Strength: AIRWAAV’s patented bite plate is designed to ensure full tooth contact and proper jaw alignment. Research has shown that this prevents neuronal overexertion and reduces the natural tendency to limit muscular use from the body. The result of this is a significant increase in muscular force when using the mouthguard.
Enhanced Endurance: AIRWAAV’s design directs the tongue down and forward under the intake bar, what this does is activate a reflex in your body opening the airway and reducing the respiratory rate by up to 20%. With this, you can also see a reduction in lactic acid production and a lower perception of exertion whilst completing high-intensity training.
Faster Recovery: AIRWAAV has been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol production post-workout by up to 50%. This reduction will aid in speeding up your recovery time so you can perform as well as possible in your next session.
Improved Mobility: Clenching into the AIRWAAV mouthpiece leads to a reduction in muscle tension when training, which results in improvements to your mobility. You will see this improvement most in movements that involve rotation of the neck, shoulder, hip or trunk.

Which AIRWAAV Version Should I Get

AIRWAAV knows that each athlete has their own individual preferences and needs when it comes to training equipment. To account for this AIRWAAV has 2 different types of mouthpieces currently available, the AIRWAAV HIIT and the AIRWAAV Endurance.

  • Has a relaxed fit that rests on top of the lower teeth.
  • Wide bite channel.
  • Minimal bite marks as it doesn't impress into the teeth.
  • Fit customization is possible by heating it in the microwave and leaving it in your mouth for 2 minutes.
AIRWAAV Endurance
  • Has a tight and snug fit.
  • A gummy material designed for biting during lifts.
  • The patented material shrinks as it cools, creating a custom, locked-down fit.
  • Achieving the perfect fit involves heating it in the microwave and biting down firmly, leaving it in for 3-5 minutes.

The performance benefits for both mouthpieces are equal with the differences being based on the personal fit and feel preferences that each individual will have. City Strength athlete Eddie Williams uses the endurance for cardio and the HIIT for lifting. If you are unsure of what mouthguard you would like to use we offer the Hybrid Pack, which allows you to try out both versions and discover your perfect fit.

Implementation Guide

When you start using an AIRWAAV mouthpiece we recommend the following plan as you may experience excessive saliva or dry mouth. Don't be alarmed, this is normal and you should fully acclimate in 2-3 weeks of use.

Week One: Start with warm-ups or low-intensity steady-state cardio to get used to having the mouthpiece in your mouth.
Week Two: Gradually introduce AIRWAAV into intense lifting or cardio sessions.
Week Three: Use AIRWAAV across all aspects of your training for maximum benefits.

Fitting Guides

Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning your AIRWAAV mouthguard is as easy as brushing your teeth. All you will need is cool water and toothpaste (or light soap), apply your toothpaste to a toothbrush and gently brush the mouthguard until it is clean.

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AuthorJoel Fitzgerald
Publishedon November 13, 2023