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Karl di Falco

Name: Karl “KAOS” Di Falco

Age: 28

Home: Melbourne, AUS

Occupation: Coach

Gym: JPS Health & Fitness

Weightclass: Powerlifting U/69kg & Men’s Physique                                                                                                                      

Personal bests :


Bench Press




242kg U/74kg

147.5kg U/74kg

278.5kg U/74kg

663.5kg U/74kg







Records: Over 25 national records among multiple weight classes (u/66kg, u/69kg and u/74kg). Alongside Oceania, Commonwealth and managed to set the Jnr World Deadlift record many years ago.


4x Australian Powerlifting Champion

3x Pacific Invitational Powerlifting Champion

2x Commonwealth Powerlifting Champion

1x Oceania Powerlifting Champion

2x top 3 placings ICN (Icompete Natural) Open Physique class nationals

Top 5 placing ICN (Icompete Natural) World Universe Open Physique Class


FavouriteLift/s: It’s a constant battle between Squats or Deadlifts and bicep curls haha.

Best powerlifting moment: It was Friday the 13th I was back 10kg lighter returning to hunt the U/66kg class on the back of a bodybuilding show the week prior. Managed to win Nationals and break the Australian Squat record backing things again a day later on the Physique stage with a Top 3 placing at the ICN Australian Championships. 

Worst powerlifting moment: The World Championships held in Belarus although looking back it was one of my favourite moments in time. At that moment I set the bar so high ready for the performance of my life. Things didn’t necessarily go “bad” but rather didn’t quite fall into place on the day.


What got you into powerlifting and when?  My Dad owned Bell St Fitness one of the most hardcore gyms of its time. I was surrounded by elite-level pro bodybuilders with years of powerlifting training behind them. I pushed myself hard alongside aspiring to be just as jacked and strong it wasn’t long before I was out lifting some of the boys haha.

How did you decide that you want to compete in Powerlifting? Originally from a kickboxing background and mentality, I would train hard with bodybuilding and powerlifting style training. Training with a Powerbuilder friend and mentor at the time he introduced me to the legendary Robert Wilks down at Melbourne University. Rob told me to pick up a loaded 200kg bar, I did just that and then he smirked and told me “screw kickboxing your powerlifting son” haha. 

How often and how long do you currently train? Physique and powerlifting “off-season” training is generally 5x week split, 1.5hrs with a lot of volume and accessory movements. Then as we draw closer to a Powerlifting Competition, I will generally go down to a 4x training split, 2hrs with higher intensity and more specific.

What does your competition day look like? I use to go into a powerlifting meet completely “overreached” big drastic weigh cuts and carrying a few niggles relying on my mental strength. Nowadays things are a lot more composed I’m always with 2-5% of the desired BW. I like to get to the comp nice and early socialize and then around weigh-ins really start tuning in. I’m really OCD and have to have my body feeling a particular way before I start warm-ups. I go hard for squats tame things down for bench then add 3 scoops of pre-workout leading into deads to finish off the party haha.

What strategies do you use to get into the right frame of mind for a heavy lift? To be cool calm and collected for as long as possible my mind is flooded with thoughts of failure and success. But my energy is constant I just observe watch my thoughts come and go. Then just before a lift I build a rage of KAOS and unleash never in doubt.

How do you stay fuelled and energized during competitions? Depending on the severity of the weight cut I will always prioritize hydration and carbohydrates keeping fats low. 

What’s your favourite post comp food? Anything calorically dense

Who are your role models and why?

Fedor Emelianeko a 5x World MMA champion among multiple weight classes often fighting opponents twice his size he has such a mysterious nature and never cracks under pressure.

Nick Riewoldt a 4x AFL All Australian for his work ethic and determination.

Usian Bolt 9x Olympic Gold Medallist for his confidence and self believe as an athlete.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start powerlifting? Best to seek a credible coach who can guide you to step on the platform for first comp goal should be really to have fun and establish a base total. From there you can build on your total, enjoy the process look back and see how far you have come.

What are your plans and goals for the future in powerlifting and generally?2020 Powerlifting Worlds and potentially Bodybuilding Worlds with a return to the kickboxing ring. Continue to become a better coach and grow the sports of Powerlifting and Bodybuilding.

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