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John Paul Cauchi, JP, or 5trong :)

Name: John Paul Cauchi, JP, or 5trong haha
Age: 22
Home: Melbourne Aus
Occupation: Powerlifting Coach
Gym: The Strength Fortress, www.thestrengthfortress.com
Weight class: 74kg

Personal Best Raw Squat Bench Press Deadlift Total
Competition: 225.5kg @66kg 120kg@66kg 280kg@66kg 615.5kg @66kg
Gym: 217.5kg at 70kg 120kg @70kg 300kg 300kg@71kg

Records: Jesus
World records

Junior deadlift (277.5kg at 66), junior squat (225.5kg at 66), and junior deadlift (277.5kg at 74)

66kg Squat (225.5kg) Junior and Open
66kg Deadlift (280kg) Junior and Open
66kg Total (615.5kg) Junior and Open
74kg Deadlift (277.5kg) Junior and Open
74kg Total (627.5kg) Junior

74kg Squat (260kg) Junior
74 kg Deadlift(265kg) Junior
74kg Total (665kg) Junior

2x Junior World Champion
1x Open Aus Champion
2x Junior Aus Champion and 2x Best male lifter
1x Oceania Junior Champ

Favourite Lift/s:
Deadlift – easily haha

Best powerlifting moment:
Breaking my first deadlift WR with an out-of-nowhere 23kg PB and winning the 2014 Jnr Worlds in the same lift. Broke down in tears on the platform which I still cop banter about!

Worst powerlifting moment:
Dumping my opening squat before even getting the squat command as it rolled off my back!!



What got you into powerlifting and when?
Started lifting weights from a young age to increase my strength and size to supplement my Australian Rules Football performance. Quickly discovered I was better at lifting weights than running around a football field so I committed to Powerlifting in 2013 and haven’t looked back!

How did you decide that you want to compete in Powerlifting?
I looked into competing late 2012 but at the time didn’t have the funds or the time (was about to go on a 7-week holiday), so when I returned to Australia early 2013 I entered the first comp I could!

How often and how long do you currently train?
I train everyday. I’m a firm believe in high frequency style training – I would train twice a day if I could. Sessions aren’t too long, approximately 75 mins for shorter sessions, up to 2 and a half hours for longer ones including warm up and cool down.

What does your competition day look like?
I usually spend the morning in a sauna cutting the final weight that I need to! Make my way to the venue 15 mins or so before weigh ins start, doing my very best to avoid expending energy. I usually get a friend or coach to carry my things! Obviously weigh in right the first time, then eat and drink. Once lifting is done, I usually try and get some more food in before celebrating with friends!

How do you stay fuelled and energized during competitions?
Nutella, sports drinks, salt and vinegar chips, Nutella, bananas, apples, Nutella, water, sandwiches and Nutella.

What’s your favourite post comp food?
Ahhhh did I mention Nutella?

Who are your role models and why?
Wow good question. I don’t know if I have a specific person or figure who I idolise or consider a role model. Rather, it’s the gestures and actions of others who I try to emulate.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start powerlifting?
Just do it! Jump into your first comp immediately!! It’s intimidating but just get involved. You’ll do terribly, but you’ll improve quickly. There’s no better way to progress than to just jump into the deep end!

What are your plans and goals for the future in powerlifting and generally?
The plan is to stick to the sport injury free for as long as possible. I do want to build my name as a coach in the sport too and coach the Australian team at as many World Championships as possible. In terms of my own lifting, there a few things I want to achieve. First, win an Open World Title. Secondly, win the Raw-Equipped double (i.e. Win raw worlds and equipped worlds in the same year), and one day maybe win best male lifter at an Open Worlds!! Lots of work ahead but I’m ready!

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