Our City Strength Powerlifting Athletes:

  • Matthew Selves

    | Greta Schumacher

    Matthew Selves

    Name: Matt Selves Age: 32 Home: Wollongong Occupation: Sydney Trains Gym: PTC Macarthur and I have a home gym I train in Weight class: Opens                                                                                                        Personal bests : Yoke Log Deadlift Farmer... View Post
  • Elizabeth Craven

    | Greta Schumacher

    Elizabeth Craven

    Name: Elizabeth Craven Age: 42 Home: Canberra, A.C.T Occupation: Gym owner/coach Gym: The Strength Syndicate Weight class: -52kg                                                                                                                       Personal bests : Squat Ben... View Post
  • Strongwoman Leigh Holland-Keen

    | Greta Schumacher

    Strongwoman Leigh Holland-Keen

      Name: Leigh Holland-Keen Age: 29 Home: Home town - Dundee, Scotland - Currently living in Townsville, QLD Occupation: Registered Nurse Gym: Military gym and my own garage Weight class: u65kg, u72kg                                                                                                  ... View Post

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